On April 26th (Sunday), Henan University will organize a social event to visit the Residence of Kang Bai Wan (康百万庄园 - Kang the Billionaire) in Gongyi. The fee will be around 500 RMB (about 70 USD or 65 EUR). Gongyi is about 150 km (2 hour drive) away from Kaifeng city. Therefore we highly recommend to all participants of the social event to schedule their departure from Kaifeng on April 27th.



Located in Kangdian County of Gongyi City, Henan Province, Kang Baiwan's Manor was built during the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) by the landlord Kang Yingkui. It covers a building area of 64,300 square meters, including 33 courtyards, 53 buildings, over 1300 houses and 73 caves. It consists of dozens of parts such as a residential section, ancestral hall and garden section. The manor features various kinds of delicate carvings, including brick, wood and stone in different vivid shapes. It now has 36 exhibition rooms, boasting a large number of well-preserved antiques, and receives 160,000 tourists per year.

Source: http://china.org.cn

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